MeowSwap Community update

3 min readMay 25, 2022


MeowSwap, the markets, and the future

As we slowly move through this bearish phase in the market, we can reflect on the choices we have made, and how those choices have affected our community.

MeowSwap launched into the start of a brutal downward trend in the markets that shows no real signs of reversing course any time soon, during this time we have been quietly developing the DEX to ensure it evolves to its full potential in these trying times.

Rest assured that MeowSwap will continue to release new features and provide Cardano with the best trading experience on the network. There is so much good news coming for Cardano, and the effect of the incoming Vasil hard fork can not be overstated — we believe Cardano will grow exponentially with this update, as it provides the throughput necessary for full-scale adoption.

Closer to home, we posted recently regarding the distribution of MEOW rewards from farming, and there have been a few questions and concerns that have been raised by our community, and we would like to address them.

Communication and distribution

On the subject of distribution, we believe that some users may have missed, or misunderstood our recent release regarding the delayed distribution of MEOW farming rewards — in some cases users were confused by some contradictory messaging on the DEX itself.

Due to this confusion, we will be distributing MEOW rewards to everyone who withdrew their liquidity after the original timer ran out on Sunday.

As we are only releasing 20% of the accrued MEOW rewards at this point, the question has been raised on what will be done with the 80% of rewards not distributed at this time. We have decided that these tokens will be used for future farming campaigns — which in accordance with our previous post, will not have a threshold to reach for distribution to occur.

Many of you have made us aware that our level of communication with the community is not sufficient, and that we need to improve in this regard. We agree with this sentiment and we are coming up with a new communication and marketing plan to ensure we do not fall behind in the area again.


We had a small issue regarding the withdrawal of liquidity from the Sundaeswap pool on the DEX — this has now been remedied and was a result of the commission calculated by MeowSwap being lower than that required for a successful transaction on Cardano. The update was successfully applied and all related transactions have been completed.

The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that we have moved our permissionless pair creation tool, from public beta — to full public release! You will now find a ‘Create Pair’ link on the ‘pools’ page of the DEX, and the first new pair has already been created.

We have a lot of technical updates and features coming to the DEX soon, and we are working diligently on staking and user-run nodes, keep an eye on our announcements channel to be the first to hear the latest news.

MeowSwap is building, and improving our platform consistently into the fastest, and easiest to use DEX on the Cardano mainnet — poor markets are difficult for everyone, but there are better times to come, and MeowSwap will be ready.




First working DEX on Cardano.