MeowSwap Feature Release: Yield Farming

  1. MeowSwap will run a huge yield farming campaign, this campaign will run for a duration of 12 months. So prepare to celebrate a year of yield farming with us. During this period MeowSwap will distribute 10 million MEOW tokens.
  2. Rewards in the form of MEOW are allocated to the liquidity providers each hour. They will be transferred to the staking pool every two months; at which point they may be claimed by the user. However, rewards will remain locked until the total TVL (total value locked) in all pools reaches USD 50 million.
  3. If the liquidity provider decides to withdraw their liquidity before the end of the two-month reward distribution period, their MEOW rewards for the campaign will stay in the pool and will be distributed amongst the remaining liquidity providers. All the rewarded MEOW tokens will remain in the Rewards Wallet for the two months and then transferred to the staking pool where they can be claimed by the user. Detailed information on staking will be published from official MeowSwap sources shortly, so stay tuned!
  1. The user transfers their funds to the yield farming pool. Please note there are no restrictions on funds participating in yield farming, meaning that the user can farm as much or as little as they desire.
  2. The MEOW tokens transferred for yield farming are kept in a unique pool.
  3. Users who yield farm receive rewards according to the proportion of funds in this pool.
  4. Rewards for the funds in the yield farming pool are calculated each hour.
  • ​​ADA/MEOW
  • More pools could be added during this initial campaign at the discretion of the team, so please stay tuned - and subscribe to our announcements channel for the latest information!



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